DeNissa Lock


DeNissa Lock is a native Texan and travel writer with a unique knowledge of world customs and ideology focusing on “global” etiquette in group settings. After a successful career with IBM, DeNissa served as the Chairwoman for Susan G. Komen Foundation’s “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” event for four years. She successfully partnered with local businesses to buy and staff mobile mammography units in underserved communities, as well as educating women on the importance of increased awareness and early detection of breast cancer in the greater Austin area.

Next, DeNissa moved with her family to Beijing, China where she wrote for the Beijinger Magazine after identifying a need to connect expat families with other newcomers in the region. During this time, she consulted with business executives on the acknowledgement of cultural aspects when visiting mainland China. This included everything from local customs & traditions, to clothing selections and appropriate topical conversation. It was during this assignment, that she was approached by Chinese youth with doctrine based curiosity. The idea of maintaining your “belief” system, no matter your surroundings, has stuck with DeNissa ever since then. After returning from Asia, the family barely had time to unpack before being moved to Rome, Italy. The vast differences in Asian culture vs. European culture cemented DeNissa’s continued commitment to coaching families on the lifestyle facets of raising a faith-filled family abroad.

Faith plays a huge role in DeNissa’s life and the adventures shared with her family on their “worldwide” tour, provides a depth of devotion to helping people practice their beliefs wherever they are in their walk. DeNissa now resides in the DFW area where she enjoys frequent trips to DFW Airport, short lines in TSA, and landing in far flung places on her favorite AAirline.